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Recovery from Drugs & Depression.

"I cannot say if any of this would have been possible had I not met Satish at that crucial time in my life, whose generosity of wisdom and knowledge, provided me with the ability to transform my life.

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Drug resistant TB & Depression

"Satishji changed me from the person who had lost all the hope for life into a person who is now full of life and energy. I am extremely thankfull to Satishji for saving my life."

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Recovering from Chronic depression and Attempted Suicide

"I made more progress in two weeks than I had in the 12 years since my first husbands death and since there were only two more weeks to my daughters wedding I was so grateful that you made me a priority."

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"Satish for me, is someone I treasure with all my heart. Satish holds knowledge and extensive experience in the art of Yoga and many other things. He is a believer and he delivers this to all that meet him. He is a wonderful human being who has been for me, a gift from god."

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