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"Over the weekend of 23/24/25 November, we had the great privilege to host a series of Vishaad yoga workshops at The Yoga Studio in Newry, N.ireland with Satish K Sharma. In these most extraordinary workshops Satish introduced us to complex ideas that are often difficult to contemplate with a western mindset, but made very clear by a man who had obviously been brought up and initiated both by Brahman priests and a European educational system.

Satish, with mischievous humour and the precision of an analytic mind, offered fresh insight and interpretations of some of the more commonly translated ideas from the Baghavad Gita and other ancient texts. He encouraged us not to take anything we are told for granted, nor to think of them as 'truth'. The resonance of Satish's visit and the light he brought to Northern Ireland, are both timely and much appreciated. We all look forward to his next visit.
Alistair Livingstone


The most interesting exercise for me was the examination of our beliefs. As I am aware of the power of my internal monologue (for the good and bad), I have been practicing and find most useful the phrase: “Don’t believe everything you think.” I use this to create space before automatically believing my thoughts to be truth. Satish’s ‘beliefs’ exercise challenged my foundations to a level that I can only begin to understand. 


My yoga practice is changing. I see the boundaries between the body and the mind blur. I think I am more in tune with my body when I am in tune with my mind. I want to give both more attention and love. I think this workshop was very important in my development. I am still digesting everything that I heard. It made me want to be more compassionate, sensitive and live for others. It made me anxious to get out of my worries about unimportant things and start finding what I am really here
to do.


I think that the topics of death, depression, identity and life goals are very important and relevant topics. I would like to learn more about these. I think it helps to dissolve the stigma around mental health disorders and also helps to discover who we are. I think it would be a good incentive to someone who wants to achieve their potential or find their purpose in life... there are many people who need this!


Thank you Satish for a wonderful weekend of insightful lessons and uplifting ideas. I think that I needed to hear a lot of these things at this point in my life. I felt lost, but I feel more able to find myself now. I hope to take on everything that you taught me.


I attended the whole workshop. The workshop exceeded my expectations and I am so glad and thankful to have been able to attend. My needs have been to discover my purpose. I was expecting to learn new practices to help me on my journey, in conjunction I expected to gain new insight into ‘seeing the higher Self’, process of dying, and the spiritual role of depression. My needs were met on a level that I could not have anticipated.


Satish was wonderful, and was able to explain all topics with such clarity, which really helped. I felt that the whole workshop was very well organised, I liked the small summary of the topics to be covered at the start of each session. The breaks occurred at times which were just right for me. Lunch, tea and cake were a welcome break.  It was useful to have a copy of the schedule with the notes. There was a nice flow which was most enjoyable. The video was a nice inclusion and help brake-up the day.  All instructions for all practices were very clear. The host was most attentive .

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