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Shqipe Malushi (New York) - Now helping to Empower Women in Kabul! I am honoured to write this testimonial for Satish and express my gratitude for his help and support throughout my healing and transformation. Before I joined the retreat in Spain, invited by Satish, I was reluctant to believe that anything could help me. I was tired of running from myself, being to busy, tired of emotional ups and downs, being misunderstood by friends, tired of not getting love I desired, feeling fat, old and ugly; tired of overworking and overspending and getting into deeper debts, blaming myself for failures, tired of being afraid to move forward and afraid of losing control. When I arrived at the Spanish retreat, I was greeted with an amazing warm welcome by Satish and his crew. They made me feel at home, taught me how to relax, slowly introduced to me the yoga techniques which I embraced because it wasn't pushed on me. Then suddenly I was inspired to work on my body from within out, and to change. I wanted to be happy and they gave me the chance. Once I connected with my desire and made the commitment, the steps of achieving became harder, but nonetheless, the support and methodology of Satish and his entire family involved in the transformation and change for the better lifted my heart and gave me incredible energy. In ten days I shed half of my weight! I unlearned negative thinking, began to put myself first, learned to have peace and keep balance. Learned to identify my needs, learned how not to react emotionally, learned how to eat properly, created a vision, changed the patterns of my thinking, identified my addictions and turned them around, began to take care of myself and the faith returned and universe opened up for me. Presently I practice yoga and the techniques I have learned from him, and Satish is in close contact with me making sure I do not slip again into oblivion. Today, only a year later, I am dating again after 10 years, I am debt free, I have savings, I travel four months a year, I work at what I love and only half a day; I am writing a book, I am making good money, I love my body, my spirit and mind. I am so happy I radiate from within. I have connected to my call and my dreams and at 53 I feel I am a winner. All I can say is thank you Satish, from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and for continuously supporting me through becoming whole, happy and in service of others. Sincerely, Shqipe Malushi Gender Adviser, Human Potential Development New York

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